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Welcome to Easybox! If you’re looking for affordable IPTV boxes with HD quality and thousands of channels from all over the world, you’ve come to the right place.And if you’re looking for a big and established manufacturer of an award-winning IPTV box that’s accepting OEM orders, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Easybox was created by a group of innovative people with a love for quality TV programs from all over the world.They have noticed that all the existing boxes lacked something: some lacked the quality of picture, others only offered a small number of channels, and some failed to provide the audience with channels from a certain region.After a long search for the perfect box, and an in-depth market research, they have realized two things: one is that, if they wanted a box that would provide them with HD quality on almost all channels plus thousands of channels from all over the world, with all the regions covered, they would have to make it themselves.And the other thing they realized was that there were many, many people who wanted the same thing.